Make Your App GDPR Compliant In 15 Minutes

Starting May 25th, you need to protect your app and the data it collects. By implementing the VeriPath SDK, you can be confident that you’re compliant and have an accessible audit trail for every piece of data that touches your app.

What Is VeriPath?

VeriPath is the easiest way to guarantee your app is compliant for GDPR. We provide a simple way to incorporate Privacy-by-Design as a simple SDK integration. The second your app is updated, you’ll ensure every user is getting compliant disclosure and opt-in where necessary to utilize their data.

It only takes 15 minutes to get set up, download and implement the SDK, and push an update to the app store. Make sure your app is utilizing best practices for data protection.

Our Mission

VeriPath was created to easily get any app compliant with GDPR, and any future data privacy regulations that may come.

You can’t legally use your data, let alone monetize your data if you’re not compliant…

We’re here to help.